10 Brilliant Ways To Become Your Most Organized Self Ever

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It’s one thing to do some spring cleaning, but it’s a completely separate thing to keep your house tidy and organized for the rest of the year. You’re all motivated to clear the clutter in April, but by the end of June the empty sunscreen bottles and flip flops are left everywhere, only adding more chaos and clutter to your life.

But, if you use these organization hacks this year, then by next spring you’ll have way less clean-up on your hands. These methods of storage make it easy to always put items back in their place, and that’s just the kind of thing you need.

So, for an organized home that’s as pretty as it is functional, give these tricks a try.

1. Fold Bedding In Pillow Cases

Bedding can be a tricky thing to store. But, if you fold the sheets up nice and tight, they’ll fit inside of a pillow case, and you’ll always be able to keep them separate and organized.

2. DIY Charging Station

Creating a charging station will clear some of those unsightly cords and make a stylish little corner on your desk where you can easily charge your phone, without the mess. Follow this tutorial.

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