10 Easy Sleep Hacks You Need To Implement Right Now

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4. Keep it dark

Sleep in a pitch-black room. You need to be in total darkness to produce enough melatonin – the hormone that controls your sleep and wake cycles. Block all the light sources either with blackout shades, heavy curtains, or a sleeping mask.

5. Journal before bed

Thinking about problems, past events, or planning for the future often prevents people from falling asleep. Astoundingly, listing your problems and thoughts on a piece of paper gives a peace of mind and helps you drift off to sleep faster.

6. Keep a consistent sleep – wake schedule

Waking up at the same time (yes, even on weekends!) enables your circadian rhythms to stay in synch with the 24-hour day, which improves the quality of sleep.

7. Keep caffeine in check

Caffeine has profound effects on sleep and wake cycles. Avoid any coffee or black tea at least 8 hours before bed, or even longer if you’re caffeine-sensitive.

8. Have your wind-down routine

Start winding down at least two hours before bed. Epsom salt bath, reading a book, practicing yoga, meditation or light stretching exercises will help you wind down before sleep.

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