10 sure-fire ways to make you sleep MUCH better during 2018

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1) Darkness triggers the release of melatonin

Your room has to be pretty dark to help you fall asleep and stay that way. Darkness triggers the release of melatonin, the hormone that promotes restful sleep – and light hampers that production.

“Buy some blackout curtains or blinds if you can,” says sleep expert Dr Craig Hudson, creator of Zenbev ( zenbev.co.uk ), a natural drink formula to aid sleep.

“Buy a good quality sleep mask that fits snugly around your features. And close the bedroom door.”

Struggling to sleep? Try changing your pillows


Output of diuretic hormones declines as we age, which means the urge to pop to the loo in the night can disturb sleep.

Try going to the toilet before cleaning your teeth and then try again after you’re undressed and are about to get into bed.

The technique – called double-voiding – is used to treat an overactive bladder, to ensure it is completely empty.

And it could help you go through the night without a toilet stop.

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