10 sure-fire ways to make you sleep MUCH better during 2018

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If you toss and turn to get comfy at lights-out and wake in the wee hours achy and sore, your mattress may be to blame. But is it too hard or too saggy?

“If your mattress is too hard, pain will be likely to occur at the point of your hip, pelvis or your shoulder,” says Rosalind Ferry. “Too soft and pain spots would be in your neck, shoulder or mid to lower back.”

Mattresses start to break down after 10 years – or earlier if they are low quality warns Rosalind.


Don’t check the time when you wake. Not only will watching the minutes tick by stress you out as you work out how much sleep you’re losing, but you’ll move from the sleep centre of the brain to the calculation centre of the brain which is a much more alert state.

“Anything that forces you to engage with reality makes it harder for you to fall back to sleep,” says Chris Idzikowski. “So turn the clock face away from you.”

Sleep on the sofa

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