12 Easy tips that can help you sleep better and change the energy in your home

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1. Sage/ Smoke

Clearing the air is one great way to change the entire mood of your house. Good air flow is important to feel freer. Sage has been one of the longest histories of use of any medical or culinary herb. It helps strenghten your nervous system. sharpening memory and improving your senses. We should also take note that inhaling the smoke can reduce muscle tension and can be an aid when you get asthma attacks. If you are also very excitable, sage can help you feel calmer.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude equates to abundance. It’s not just your space that needs working but also your own positive outlook in life. Taking a moment to write down a plan or speaking out loud about the things that you are thankful for, no matter how big or small can welcome even more positive vibes. it’s much more difficult to get stressed this way too.

3. Clap In the Corners

This may sound like a silly thing to do but there is something that resonates when you clap and the place starts to have soundwaves. This is also waking up the energy in your house. In ancient times they di=o not only clap but they use loud noises  to break up negative vibrational patterns.You can even ring bells as you go room to room. Another great way is to put chimes in the yard as they can also be very pleasing.

4. Open the WIndows

Stagnant air in your home is both unhealthy and negative. So opening the windows for a while every day can help positive airborne energy to flow in your home.

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