16 Mattresses That Help People With Chronic Pain Sleep Better

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1. Lucid Mattress

“Lucid,” recommended Kate Rock. “You can get it on Amazon and it’s very affordable. I like the 8-inch firm. Many options. They are amazing and more than half the cost of similar [mattresses].

2. Purple Mattress

“Purple!” said Cherish Ann. “No pressure points [while] sleeping and doesn’t get super hot! It also doesn’t sink like a memory foam mattress so it’s not as hard to get in and out of. Just got mine a month ago and I love it!”

Jillyn Allred wrote, “Since getting our Purple mattress my hips no longer feel bruised when I lay down. I also haven’t needed a pillow between my legs or behind my back to support like I used to need.”

“My parents have a Purple bed and it is fantastic. I normally have pain in my back and hips when laying in my own bed, but when I get a chance to use theirs, those problems pretty much disappear and I fall asleep much quicker. I stay asleep, too,” added Sabrina Maxwell.

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