16 Mattresses That Help People With Chronic Pain Sleep Better

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3. Water Bed Mattress

Jeni Baker told us, “I would highly recommend a water bed because it moulds to the shape of your body but then supports it well, so the perfect combination of a soft and firm mattress. The only drawback is it can be hard to get out of, so not ideal for people with mobility problems.”

“Water bed,” said Sharon Brooks. “It’s perfect for my rheumatoid arthritis, it’s the perfect temperature at all times and cradles me, no pressure on any part of my body.”

4. Serta iSeries Hybrid Mattress

“Serta hybrid,” said Emily Workman Keller. “It has the traditional bounce topped with substantial memory foam. There are no pressure points, and it doesn’t feel like it’s constantly pushing back at you like a spring mattress. Spendy, but the absolute most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.”

“iComfort by Serta,” recommended Kathy A. Zabliski. “I love mine. It is memory foam, but doesn’t get hot.”

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