18 Stylish DIY Accent Tables That Will Add Beauty To Any Room

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I have a confession. I’m a little obsessed with accent tables. Seriously, I have at least one in every room in my house…some rooms have more than three! I was redecorating recently and decided that I actually needed a new accent table – a sofa table to go behind my sofa. Don’t you just love those sofa tables? So, I started looking for them online and they are pretty expensive. Even smaller accent tables will run you at least $50 at most department stores. What’s a better way? A DIY accent table, of course!

1. DIY $12 Curvy Table

This curvy side table is gorgeous. Really, you would think this came from a high dollar furniture store but it’s a DIY accent table and it’s one that you can make yourself for just $12. You just need one board to build it and then a few basic woodworking supplies like glue, sandpaper, screws and paint. It comes together really easily and when it’s finished, this one will seriously be your favorite table in the house.

2. DIY Sofa Table

If you need a sofa or console table, this is a great one to make. This little DIY table will only cost you about $30. That’s way less than what you would pay for it in the store and this one is pretty easy to make. It’s got such a great rustic look to it, too and it can be built with just a couple of boards and some basic tools. Once it’s finished, stain it whatever color you like or if you want a great rustic look to match your other DIY farmhouse decor, go with white paint and distress it a bit with sandpaper.

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