5 expert-approved ways to help you sleep better, stay healthy

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Take a warm bath.

Taking a warm shower 20-30 minutes before bedtime can help you get good sleep, as it relaxes the muscles and nerves, and dilates blood vessels which help in better circulation. “One feels relaxed due to a drop in the body’s temperature and can fall asleep easily. A warm water shower also initiates the detoxification process and prepares the body to undergo a cleanse during your sleep,” says Dr Bagree.

Sleep alone to beat insomnia.

Sleeping alone may be a good idea for people who have difficulty falling asleep due to noise, light, or temperature difference. “Two individuals sharing a room may have different body types, so they may have different temperature preferences that might affect the other partner. Some individuals’ snoring/loud breathing might disturb the other person’s sleep too,” says Dr Bagree. However, if you are afraid of sleeping alone or have health issues, it is best to sleep with a family member.

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