5 plants you can put in your bedroom to get rid of insomnia

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These days many people struggle with the devastating effects of insomnia.

But if you’re going to look on the bright side, there’s a lot you can do to deal with sleep problems.

You might wonder whether you should change your lifestyle, exercise more, or try various relaxation techniques.

Obviously, everyone is different, but perhaps more of us should turn to the plant kingdom to come to overcome our sleep problems.

Here are five plants you can put in the bedroom to help you sleep better at night.


Lavender is said to help against anxiety, restlessness, depression, and insomnia. Many people put lavender oil in their baths to relax, and studies have shown that inhaling lavender can decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

So why not put lavender in your bedroom? It will keep you calm all night long!

Aloe Vera

Studies have shown that aloe vera can clear the air of dangerous chemicals, and it emits large amounts of oxygen at night.

The plant is also believed to help to combat insomnia and help the body stay calm.

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