5 tips for getting a better night’s sleep

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Sleep is so important to your overall health and wellbeing and lack of sleep can affect us in many ways, including our fitness and weight loss. In this blog, sleep and insomnia specialist Kathryn Pinkham shares some tips for improving your sleep.

From helping us to function more effectively during the day, to helping stick to a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine, the positives of a good night’s sleep are many and varied. There are a wide number of factors that lead to sleep loss, but whatever the reason for poor sleep, the effect is the same: your body’s natural cycle of sleep and wake is disrupted.

1. Get some daylight and fresh air.

In order for our body clock to work well we need to send messages about when is daytime and when is nighttime. The best way to do this is to get plenty of light during the day and dark at night.

2. Stick to a good routine.

This sounds simple but it’s the most effective way to sleep well. Our body clock is just that, a clock. In order for it to work at its best we should create a steady rhythm and stick to it. This way our bodies know when to expect to fall asleep and will prepare to do so.

3. Don’t lie in bed awake.

If you cant get to sleep or have woken up in the middle of night, get out of bed. The longer we lie in bed trying to fall back to sleep the more frustrated we get. This, in turn, means we begin to subconsciously relate bed to feeling stressed and being awake rather than asleep.  Leave the bedroom and do something relaxing like read a book downstairs, then when you are tired go back to bed.

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