7 Causes Of Night Sweats And How To Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Isn’t it highly discomforting to wake up in the middle of the night, burning up and all drenched in sweat? The intense heat can not only disrupt a good night’s sleep but also end up making you all lethargic and stressed out the following day. But why does your body get all heated up out of nowhere and awaken you in the dead of the night? It might be helpful to know what conditions cause your core temperature to suddenly rise and lead to excessive sweating, so that you can treat them effectively.

Some of the most common causes of night sweats might include a surrounding hot climate, thick insulating mattresses that retain body heat or the use of heavy blankets. However, if none of those factors are accurate for your case, here are a few other reasons why you might be spending your nights soaked in sweat and feeling absolutely unpleasant.


Hypoglycemia is a medical condition wherein the level of sugar in your blood stream falls below the threshold of 4 mmol/L. It is a common side effect of using excessive insulin for the treatment of diabetes. A common symptom of hypoglycemia in its early stages includes unexplained sweating throughout the body often progressing from mild to soaking wet. More often than not, the sweating starts on the face and can often end in a sudden chilling sensation once you are entirely drenched in sweat. That being said, a number of people suffering from diabetes often experience night sweats more frequently that their relatively healthy counterparts.

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