7 Real Tips for Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

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It’s no secret that you don’t get much sleep when you have a newborn. It’s just inevitable. And those people who tell you, “Oh my perfect little baby has slept totally through the night since she was a month old” are most likely lying or exaggerating. So basically, there’s no avoiding the sleep deprivation. There are, however, ways to help yourself survive in the midst of the lack of sleep. Here is what helped me in those first few months of my baby’s life.

1. First, I found that it really helps to have a schedule for those nighttime wake-ups with the baby.

This is significantly more challenging if you are breastfeeding, obviously, but you could pump and have your spouse do a couple of the middle of the night feedings with heated pumped milk. That way you are getting at least a few straight hours of sleep.


Our baby swing was my best friend when the boys were newborns. It was the perfect way to get them to sleep for a bit so I could lay down too. They were buckled in and it soothed them to sleep FOR ME.

3. Know that it won’t last forever.

Soon enough, your baby will sleep longer at night. It takes a few months, but it will come! I promise!

4. If you were gifted a massage after having the baby, wait until your baby is sleeping longer at night to go redeem that gift certificate.

I made the mistake of going to get a massage in the midst of my sleep deprivation and totally fell asleep mid-massage! I missed half of it!

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