7 Secrets of Women Who Beat Insomnia

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Their Rooms Are Set Up for Success 

The design and layout of your room can actually play a huge role in how restfully you sleep. Maybe, for example, your sheets are making you too hot. That polyester or jersey cotton blend might look and feel nice, but you’re actually trapping in heat, which might make it harder for you to sleep comfortably. Try an organic percale sheet set that will keep you cool overnight. Here, seven other ways your room might be messing with your sleep.

They Know Their ‘Sleep Opportunity’

You’ve probably said the following upon waking up after a less-than-restful night’s sleep: “Don’t worry, body. Tonight, I promise to get eight hours of sleep.” But according to Matthew Walker, director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab and author of Why We Sleep, unless you plot out your sleep opportunity, you’ll never log the hours of shut-eye you actually need. According to Walker, the secret to a good night’s sleep is calculating the number of hours of sleep, plus the number of hours you know you’ll need to fall asleep. (That’s your sleep opportunity.) For example, if you know you need eight hours in order to be productive the next day, but you also need 30 minutes to read in bed and 30 minutes to fall asleep and you always wake up 15 minutes before your alarm, you actually need to get in bed nine hours and 15 minutes before you get up. (This means a 10:15 p.m. bedtime versus 11:30 p.m.) Do the math and get ready to have your most restful sleep in months.

They Don’t Hit Snooze 

In the moment, giving yourself nine extra minutes of shut-eye seems nothing short of blissful, but in reality, every time you hit snooze and drift back to sleep, you start a new sleep cycle that will be interrupted in a few minutes anyway. Since that cycle will end before it’s truly finished, chances are you’ll feel even more tired when you wake up for good. It’ll take some getting used to, but training yourself to actually get up when your alarm goes off is so worth it.

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