7 Tips On Dressing For A Good Night’s Sleep

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The seven or eight hours you spend doing absolutely nothing might be the most important part of your day. Getting adequate sleep means you lower your stress levels, your risk of developing depression and even your weight. With sleep being so essential, it makes sense to do everything you can to improve your quality of sleep. But apart from the obvious comfortable mattress and dark surroundings, what you wear to bed can also determine how well you sleep. Remember these seven tips to help you dress for the best sleep of your life.

1. Say Goodbye To Your Bra

Nothing quite beats the feeling of coming home after a long day at work and removing your bra. However, there are women who actually go to sleep with their bra still on. While sleeping with your bra sounds all kinds of uncomfortable, it can also be harmful. Bras squeeze your body and tighten the diaphragm. If your diaphragm can’t expand fully, it severely limits your ability to take deep, restorative breaths while you sleep. Wearing a bra to sleep can also increase the likelihood of you developing cysts. If you’re wearing the same bra you wore all day to sleep, the sweat and dirt that has accumulated in there can give rise to fungal infections.

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