7 Tips To Get Your Kids On A Back-To-School Sleep Schedule

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Feed Your Child The Right Foods At The Right Time

Eating a heavy dinner late in the evening can confuse your child’s body clock, and push their bedtime back further. This is just one of the factors that may contribute to the link between lack of sleep and obesity.

In addition, sitting down to a regularly timed evening meal as a family can help your child to establish healthy eating habits for life.

Meal-wise, avoid feeding your child sugary or fatty foods, such as chocolate or cheese, before bed. These take a long time to digest and may keep your child alert instead of sending them to sleep. You should also avoid giving them black or green tea, as they both contain caffeine, which can alter sleep patterns. White rice, oatmeal, wholegrains, nuts, fruits such as cherries, kiwi or durian, or a warm cup of herbal tea, are all better options.

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