7 Ways To Ensure Good Sleep As You Age

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A night of satisfying sleep can become a distant dream with each passing decade. It is a problem that is literally giving sleepless nights to many middle-aged as well as elderly individuals.

As you age a lot changes in your body. The quality of sleep generally deteriorates with increasing number of age-related disturbances like body pain, frequent urge to urinate, sleep apnea, etc.

Did you know that middle-aged men are affected by changing sleep patterns more than women?

A study shows that middle-aged men tend to wake up more easily from the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of their sleep than women. It means that men tend to spend less time in the dream phase of their sleep.1 Maybe that is why men can’t remember what they dreamt of. (Am I right, ladies?) Also, men are twice more likely to suffer from sleep apnea which is never good for their sleep.

Unfortunately, you can’t control these changes. You can’t run against time to restore what is already lost, but you can definitely change and adapt accordingly to make your life better.

1. Check Your Medication

Is the prescribed medication hampering your sleep? You can easily examine if that’s the case. If the sleep disruption has started after you started the medication, then it might be the problem. Talk to your doctor and check if you could be prescribed something different that won’t hamper your sleep.

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