8 Natural Ways to Sleep Better

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Sleep Better with Kiwi Fruit!

Taiwanese scientists discovered that when study participants ate two antioxidant and serotonin-rich kiwi fruit one hour before bed nightly for four weeks, their sleep quality and quantity improved. They also reported falling asleep more quickly. So, before you hit the sack, you might want to prepare yourself a kiwi fruit snack.

Pass the Himalayan Salt Lamp!

As well as giving your bedroom a slumber-inducing rosy pink glow, a Himalayan salt lamp could help to purify indoor air to help you to sleep better. It’s thought the lamps may help by generating negative ions – the refreshing ions that occur most frequently in nature, such as by waterfalls or in sea air. It’s believed that these negative ions may then help to counteract the positive ions produced by electronic devices which can cause sleep problems.

Bag Yourself a Green Tea Bath

Try adding a couple of handfuls of nature’s very own tranquilliser, Epsom salts (aka magnesium sulphate) and 5-7 green tea bags to a bath. The salts are absorbed through the skin helping to ease aches and pains and the detoxifying green tea will turn your bath a relaxing tranquil green for a perfect pre-bedtime soak.

Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Treat yourself to a gratitude journal and jot down all your blessings at bedtime. Studies have found that making nightly lists of things you are thankful for can help you sleep better at night. It’s thought that by focusing on the positive thoughts, any negative thoughts or worries melt away as you drift off to the land of nod.

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