8 Nutrients You Need for Better Sleep

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Set yourself up for restful nights by padding your diet with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that support serotonin, a brain chemical that contributes to relaxation and sleep, as well as foods that contain natural melatonin.

1. Magnesium

Get it from: Almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, salmon, yogurt

2. Melatonin

Get it from: Bananas, cherries, flaxseeds, orange bell peppers, raspberries

3. Serotonin

Get it from: Bananas, kiwis, pecans, pineapples, plums, tomatoes, walnuts

4. Omega-3s

Get it from: Eggs, flaxseeds, salmon, sardines, trout, walnuts, yogurt

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5. Potassium

Get it from: Acorn squash, avocados, bananas, salmon, sweet potatoes

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