8 Tips for Attending the Award-Winning Sleep No More

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1. Buying tickets

Entry to Sleep No More is staggered and you buy tickets for a time slot. For an 8PM performance, the first tickets available are at 7PM and blocks are available for 15-minute intervals. The earlier you choose, the more time you have to hang out in the Manderlay Bar and acclimate to the Sleep No Moreatmosphere, but the show doesn’t technically begin in that space, so you’re just as well choosing a later time like 7:45PM. Check the website for full ticketing details.

2. Pre-theatre Fun

The McKittrick Hotel isn’t just a theatre space. Gallow Green, its summer rooftop bar, is a must-visit before (or after) the show. The twinkly atmosphere, first-rate signature cocktails, and flavorful appetizers perfect for sharing elevate Sleep No More from a night of theatre to a night out on the town. In the winter, the space transforms into the Lodge at Gallow Green, a ski lodge built on the site with seasonal cocktails. There’s also the pop-up restaurant The Illusionst’s Table, a magic dinner experience, and the Manderlay Bar for pre- and post-show enjoyment.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

Punchdrunk staged Sleep No More throughout the McKittrick Hotel. There is no stage; you don’t take your seats. Every room in the multi-floor “playspace” is the “set,” and decorated to create the world of Macbeth in the hotel. Whether exploring the space on your own, or chasing actors to witness the action, audiences climb a lot of stairs and may even jog to follow performers.

4. Leave your glasses at home if you can.

Emblematic of Sleep No More, every audience member must wear a white mask (distributed upon entry) for the duration of the performance. This distinguishes audience members from performers with no masks and McKittrick staff in black masks. If you wear glasses, put your contact lenses in before going to the show.

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