How to sleep better – 25 ways from the scientific to the plain sensible

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1. Switch off

You will sleep better if you turn off or cover everything in the bedroom that has a blue light – clocks, TVs and computers. Harvard researchersfound that although all light in the bedroom can disturb sleep, blue in particular can interrupt the production of melatonin – the hormone that contributes to a good night’s rest.

2. Memory foam is not good enough on its own

Earlier memory foams could be too hot for sleepers because they settled around the body and kept heat trapped around them. Newer mattresses combining memory foam with breathable top layers can offer good support and a regular temperature. In some mattresses, like the Casper, an open-cell top layer uses convection and conduction to flow heat away from your body.

3. Stay on the dark side

Too much light filtering through curtains will affect your likelihood of deep sleep – it’s that melatonin again. If you can’t block it with thick curtains or blinds, consider wearing a sleep mask. Even the humble sleep mask can now be a technical marvel – some store sleep data and even claim to block jet lag.

4. Keep cool

You won’t get a good night’s rest in a sauna. The UK’s Sleep Councilrecommends a bedroom temperature of between 16-18C (60-65F) and, where it’s safe, leaving a window slightly open to allow air to circulate. The body’s core temperature drops during deep sleep, so a room that’s too warm may prevent that essential deep sleep happening.

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